Private consultation

Does Jacques Martel do private consultations?

Workshops or conferences

I would like to subscribe to the ATMA activity bulletin, how can I do it?

Have your books been translated into several languages?

I would like to organize a conference of Jacques Martel in my region?

Do you give lectures in English?

Does Jacques Martel give private CONFERENCES?

I would like to know how to organize a workshop of Jacques Martel.

I would like to know where courses are held and when?

I would like to know the list of your workshops offered as well as the price?

Does Jacques Martel plan conferences and internships eventually in Europe?

ATMA Products

bought a CD-conference, there is a mention that says “interactive multimedia CD that can be viewed from PC or MAC …” This brings me to your advertising site. Can we see the conference?

My city bookstore does not have the product I am looking for.

Knowing that ATMA products are available in different countries, do you find all the same information?

I would like to sell ATMA products?


How can I have information on a malaise or illness that is not found in the book “The Great Dictionary of Malaise and Disease”


Have your books been translated into several languages?