ATMA is a Sanskrit word for the immortal soul, the splendor of God, our true identity. ATMA is that part of our Being an that is often defined as our spiritual dual, the aspect of us that is totally divine.


The ultimate goal of our great spiritual journey is to discover ourselves as souls. First, we move away from our divine Source and then begin the return journey to merge us with that part of us called ATMA, the soul.


When this is achieved by humans, it becomes free of fear, worry, anxiety, and tension he experiences the absolute union with the omnipresence, omniscience and absolute joy of ATMA. He realizes that the body, mind, intellect and ego are his instruments to be active in the material world.


This merger puts an end to any sense of internal division, tugging, tear, fight or inner battle. It allows us to find the state of union and original communion with the spiritual root of Creation, to constantly stay healthy, to regenerate us and, therefore, achieve the state of immortality on all levels . The merged ATMA allows us to experience heaven on earth.

Logo ATMA inc. : The seven pointed star

Sometimes people do meditation exercises or contemplation and sees appear on their mental screen a star to 6 points that often the presence of the inner teacher. The 7-pointed star represents the new consciousness that will manifest on the planet in the near future and it is always contact with the inner teacher or spiritual consciousness for all of us.