ATMA is a Sanskrit word that designates the immortal soul, the splendor of God, our true identity. ATMA is this part of our Being that is often defined as our spiritual double, the aspect of ourselves that is totally divine.


The ultimate purpose of our great spiritual Voyage is to discover ourselves as souls. After having first moved away from our divine Source, we then undertake our return voyage in order to become fused with this part of ourselves called ATMA, the Soul.


Once a human has reached this goal, they become free of all fears, concerns, worries or tensions, and experience an absolute union with the omnipresence, the omniscience and the absolute joy of ATMA. They realize that the body, the spirit, the intelligence and the ego are their instruments, which allow them to be active in the material world.


This fusion puts an end to any feelings of internal division, conflict, rupture, struggle or inner strife. It enables us to rediscover the state of original union and communion with the spiritual root of Creation, to remain constantly in good health, to regenerate ourselves and, therefore, to reach the state of immortality on all levels. The fused ATMA enables us to experience Paradise on Earth.

ATMA Inc.’s Logo: The 7-Point Star

Some persons sometimes do meditation or contemplation exercises and envision a 6-point star appearing on their mental screen, which often represents the presence of the Inner Master. The 7-point star represents the new consciousness that will manifest itself all over the Planet in the proximate future and will still represent this contact with the Inner Master or with the spiritual consciousness for each one of us.