Le grand dictionnaire des malaises et des maladies

Le grand dictionnaire des malaises et des maladies

Le grand dictionnaire des malaises et des maladies



Here is the Great Dictionary of Aches and Diseases related to the conflicts generated by the thoughts, feelings and emotions that are the cause of the disease.

We were at the time of the disease. For example: have a sore throat means clustering clustering That We shoulds express something . Or as sneezing indicate indication indication That something or someone disturbs us . These meanings are share of beliefs based on metaphysical ailments and diseases That are presented in the new revised and expanded edition of the Best Seller The great dictionary of ailments and diseases . This new edition offers more than 75% of additional information to the 800 listed ailments and diseases. This is the most comprehensive dictionary related to the conflicts generated by the thoughts, feelings and emotions, the cause of the disease.

Whether to help or to enlighten you in your personal representation, family or business, or a global medical point of view, this valuable tool will give you the essential keys to go further on self-knowledge.

Are you interested in the first edition and have worked with resolved conflicts with her? Then you will find it quite exceptional !!! Over 75% more information added to the 800 ailments, diseases and body parts of the first edition. More than 80 diseases and ailments have also been added. In additions, we find « bird language on » and « healers words » and more, which are connected to a symbolic understanding made by the brain that helps to accept, often preconditions and to heal.

One of the most exciting and essential tools, invaluable for any personal endeavor, family or professional holistic view (global) or allopathic (medical).


I can use the information in the book to make changes in my emotions. In conducting the following year, I can activate my emotional memory and allow that from my heart to my heart, some emotion is healed in love.

It is that I take the text of discomfort or illness and I read the syllable, taking one second per syllable. For example, consider the following disease: arthritis. The following text:

ARTHRITIS (in general)

Arthritis is defined as inflammation of a joint. It can affect every part of the human musculoskeletal system: for the bones, ligaments, tendons or muscles. It is by inflammation, muscle stiffness and pain that match on the metaphysical plane to the closure, critical, grief, sadness or anger.


AR-THRI-TE (general)

The ar-thri-you-is-de-fi-nie-com-me-e-as-in-the-flam ma-tion-
u-do-ar-ti-cu-la-tion. -El-The-can-device
mo-tor-hu-hand -that is-CE- – the-bone, -the-li-ga-tion, -the-voltage
gifts-or-the-driven-cles.El it-is-rac-ca-te-ri-se-
per-de- the in- flam -my-tion, -of-the-rai-deur-mus-cu-dairy
re-and-the-dou-their-that-cor-res-pon-tooth-on -plan-
me-ta-cal if- as-a-of-the-iron-me-you-re, -of-the-critical
ti-that -the-cha-grin, -to-la- tris-your-or-be-of-the -The -co-re …

And I continue reading the full article I read in the book.

It is very significant to go very slowly, at MOST one syllable per second gold Slower still . It is not important that I wonder if my intellect understands or not the words or phrases I say. It may be that there are feelings of pain or sadness that occur during exercise; It comes to love in the situation. I could take the text of a disease I have now or illness I could have afraid of contracting. If I live emotions during exercise, I can resume later in the day or another day, until I no longer live and emotions that I feel comfortable with the text.

I can do this exercise, if I wish, after a meditation or after listening to a relaxing music or a guided relaxation. I do exercise, too, by taking the text of the preface or introctory text.

The following information is intended to provide further explanation on the use of this technical integration. First clarify that for me the term « integration » refers to becoming conscious in his being; I do not know what to do, but I do not know what to do with it.

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