2012-2019 IMPACT planétaire et spirituel

2012-2019 IMPACT planétaire et spirituel


This book is the fruit of the astrological knowledge and thoughts of two people of very different origins, a European and a First Nations of America, the new era ahead. They pooled their knowledge to enable us to move serenely into this New Consciousness.

How to prepare in peace and sénérité the advent
of the new era

Through the knowledge and the astrology of the Mayan calendar, Native American legends and scientific findings, it is clear that I saw the coming of a new era of openness of consciousness. Unlike Apocalypse rumors conveyed for years, it is increasingly clear that this is a world of love and beauty. Knowledge of global and spiritual transformation process in this book gives me the means to support the advent of this new era and new consciousness in peace and serenity.




So what is happening leads me to move from duality to unity, to live unified consciousness.

My consciousness is currently locked in an illusion, in the shadows, in the illusion of separation from my surroundings. I live in an inverted world.

I have to find the place of things, looking back, to get out of reverse.

What I see is not reality. But I think that’s the reality as it is an image. Now, an image is a reflection, a transposition of Truth. It is not the truth. She’s just a reflection. This image, however, seduced me and distracts me from my reality. It’s like I was in a video game. I am a person and I identify with him. Even the spiritual schools are part of the game. They were required to make today. They can even be a hindrance.

Today I have to get out of this game and the only way is to enter the great sphere of the Whole. I then detach myself from all my illusions.


Catherine Guin

Catherine Guin est détentrice d’un diplôme de France, HEC, en – Gestion Financière et Management. Elle a suivi, depuis plus de 30 ans, des formations complémentaires en psychologie et en croissance personnelle.

Je possède une vaste expérience de formatrice dans les domaines de la communication, de la créativité, du développement personnel et de la spiritualité.

À travers des ateliers et des consultations, je propose de vivre des expériences permettant à chacun de grandir, d’oser plonger au plus profond de lui-même, de SE découvrir et de devenir CE QU’IL EST.


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