The Little Stick Figures Technique

The Little Stick Figures Technique


A simple and effective technique of emotional self-healing, accessible to everyone. It enables me to harmonize my conflicted relationships and free myself from dependencies and attachments involving others.

This powerful technique that acts at the subconscious level has been viewed by more than 500 000 persons through the 2 videos produced by Jacques Martel, which are available free on the Internet. All the public’s questions are answered in this book!

This fascinating, simple and effective technique was created by Jacques Martel in 1993. It enables me to free myself from my dependencies, my fears and my conscious or unconscious attachments. It enables me to gain more detachment from a person or a situation and to develop more unconditional Love. This results in greater well-being in my everyday life.

The secret of this technique is that it acts on the conscious as well as on the subconscious. It thus becomes a powerful tool for transformation. Using it regularly enables me to activate positive changes in my life. Many persons have testified to the great effectiveness of this Technique.

This book answers the questions about this technique and explains how to use it, why it works and its many applications in different situations such as, for instance, selling or purchasing goods, improving my relationships with a spouse, an ex-spouse or my family, how to attract my soul-mate or abundance, etc. All that and much more!

Jacques Martel

A highly accomplished speaker since 1978, Jacques Martel is a trainer and has conducted personal growth workshops since 1988. His training as a professional Rebirther (ancient yoga technique with conscious breathing) adds to his therapy experience, all of which benefits those who attend his workshops, conferences and individual sessions. His activities take place in Canada as well as in Europe.

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Lucie Bernier

Lucie Bernier has been Jacques Martel’s collaborator since 1988. She collaborated closely in writing The Complete Dictionary of Ailments and Diseases, in addition to taking an active part as an assistant in the «Little stick Figures» workshops.

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Robert Lenghan

Monsieur Lenghan possède plus de 35 années d’expérience dans les domaines de la gestion conseil, la coordination pour l’organisation de projets, la gestion du changement, l’organisation du travail, le Coaching, la formation, les communications et l’organisation d’événements et ce, tant dans le secteur privé que public.

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