The 5 Steps to Achieve Healing

The 5 STEPS to achieve HEALING

The 5 STEPS to achieve HEALING


This book sheds light on these questions. I discover not only the means at my disposal to contribute to my healing, but especially the essential milestones giving me the opportunity to achieve healing.

With respect to healing, it appears that we are not all equal. In fact, certain people heal, while others do not. Why? Is there a process that promotes healing? This book offers me some enlightening insight in my questions about healing.

I will discover not only the available means to help me achieve it, but especially the essential steps that will afford me the possibility of getting there. The five steps I will discover in this book will enable me to open up and reclaim my power over myself. I will become conscious of the fact that I am the key to my own healing process, whatever means I choose to use in order to achieve it.

An indispensable complement to The Complete Dictionary of Ailments and Diseases!

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Jacques Martel

A highly accomplished speaker since 1978, Jacques Martel is a trainer and has conducted personal growth workshops since 1988. His training as a professional Rebirther (ancient yoga technique with conscious breathing) adds to his therapy experience, all of which benefits those who attend his workshops, conferences and individual sessions. His activities take place in Canada as well as in Europe.

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