Jacques Martel, Auteur, Conférencier, Formateur, Maître reiki

Jacques Martel

Jacques Martel, President and founder of ATMA Inc., Éditions ATMA internationales.

A highly accomplished speaker since 1978, Jacques Martel is a trainer and has conducted personal growth workshops since 1988. His training as a professional Rebirther (ancient yoga technique with conscious breathing) adds to his therapy experience, all of which benefits those who attend his workshops, conferences and individual sessions. His activities take place in Canada as well as in Europe.



Born in Montreal (Canada) in September 1950, Jacques Martel finished his training as an electrical engineer in 1977 at Laval University in Quebec City and became a regular member of the Order of Quebec Engineers. He later taught electricity and electronics for a government organization, the Canada Manpower Centre (CMC) and also worked as a trainer in private business.

He has always shown a keen interest for communication in all its forms. After completing his university studies, the electronic media attracted his attention and in 1977 he undertook a training program at the Quebec College of Radio and Television Announcers (CART in French). Later on, for two years he took part as an anchorman and research assistant in more than 100 televised episodes on health and well-being that were shown on a private television network throughout the province of Quebec.

His desire to understand the “other side of things” led him on a spiritual quest that completely reoriented his life. In 1978 he undertook research on “Vitamin Therapy”, also called the “Orthomolecular approach” following a holistic approach of being. His approach dovetailed with that of Canadian, American and European psychiatrists, researchers, chemists and biochemists in that field. It was in 1988 that he engaged in personal development training. This training touched such a chord that he became a leader of personal development workshops, an occupation that he then pursued full time from as early as 1990, as a psychotherapist.

Enriched by the truths he discovered, the communicator in him chose to share the fruits of his reflections with the greatest possible number of persons. Thus, the ATMA Growth Centrewas born in 1990 and in 1996 it became ATMA Inc., which grouped together Les Éditions ATMA Internationales (for books) and les Productions ATMA Internationales(for conferences, guided meditations and music on CDs). Jacques Martel is still the acting president.

Since 1990, he still pursued his personal and professional training, which enabled him, over the years, to acquire a solid reputation in this field. It was in 1995 that he acquired his training as a Rebirther (a conscious breathing technique) at the Héléna Marcoux Centre.

His vast experience also enables him to intervene as a consultant with therapists and other health professionals.

In 1991, a writing project emerged in his life. Slowly but surely, the first French edition of the book The Complete Dictionary of Ailments and Diseasesbegan to take form. The knowledge acquired during his training as an electrical engineer enabled him to learn how to travel from the tangible to the intangible and from practice to intuition; furthermore, his many workshops and conferences confirmed for him the close link between illnesses (ailments and diseases) and thoughts (feelings and emotions) as the sources of conflicts that can lead to the triggering of those illnesses. He was now quite ready to write his book, which finally appeared in its first edition in April 1998.

In 1993, he became a REIKI Master (a healing energy technique). From 1994 to 1998, he was the President of the Canadian and Quebec Association of REIKI Masters(ACQMR in French). In 2011, he was trained in “Reconnection” (another healing energy technique), and helped other persons to become reconnected so that they in turn could later be trained to become practitioners of this technique themselves. Since 04/04/04 (April 4, 2004), he has become more conscious of the Way that must be followed to further develop the means for moving toward physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing.

Mr. Martel presents conferences, takes part in health and well-being fairs and leads workshops in Quebec. From 1988 to 2013, he led workshops in Europe and in the French D.O.M. (Overseas Territories), on Réunion Island, in French Polynesia and in Mauritius. He also, upon request, trains other therapists with his emotional healing technique, TIH (Technique of Integration Through the Heart) that he developed in recent years and which has given positive results to his clients. He also gives a training session entitled On the Road to Awakening, which helps persons who so wish to open themselves up inside in order to reach further levels of consciousness, safely and sincerely.

The interest stimulated since several years among the general public and among therapists by the book The Complete Dictionary of Ailments and Diseasesdemonstrates the relevance of such a work: it has been read so far by more than 1 million readers worldwide, which makes it a Best-seller.

In addition to the second French edition (2007) of the book The Complete Dictionary of Ailments and Diseases, Jacques Martel has published several other complementary books that are highly appreciated by persons seeking healing and well-being. These other books include titles such as:

ATMA et le Pouvoir de l’Amour (2005 [ATMA and the Power of Love]),

ATMA et le Cercle de Guérison(2008 [ATMA and the Healing Circle]),

Les 5 Étapes pour parvenir à la GUÉRISON(2010[The 5 Steps to Achieving Healing]),

Retour vers la source (2011[Return to the Source]), and

Le Pouvoir des mots… qui me libèrent(2011[The powerof the words… that free me]).

He has also produced several conference CDs, guided meditation CDs and VIDEO capsules on different subjects involving health and well-being.

His professional career:

1977                 Diploma in Electrical Engineering, Laval University in Québec, Canada.

1977-1987        Member of the Quebec Order of Engineers.

1978-1988        Therapist in vitamin therapy (the orthomolecular approach).

1985-1986        Member of the Canadian Mental Health Association.

1987                 Trained at the Quebec College of Radio and Television Announcers (CART
                          in French).
1987-1990        Anchorman and program researcher for television programs on health and
                         well-being (more than 100).

1990                 Founding President of the ATMA Growth Centre.

1993                Trained as a REIKI Master.

1994-1998       President of the Canadian and Quebec Association of REIKI Masters
                        (ACQMR in French).
1996                Diploma in Professional Rebirthing (a conscious breathing technique) at the
                        Héléna Marcoux Institute.
1996-2002       Member of the Quebec Corporation of Alternative Medicine Practitioners
                        (CPDMQ in French).
1998-2013       Personal development conferences and workshops in Europe (France,
                        Switzerland, Belgium, French Polynesia, Réunion Island, Mauritius Island).

2011                Trained as a Practitioner of Reconnection© (Dr. Eric Pearl).